Abdul Nasser Mohd Sanusi

Abdul Nasser Bin Mohd Sanusi

Senior General Manager, Special Projects

Abdul Nasser Bin Mohd Sanusi joined CMS on 16 February 2004 and assumed his current position as the Senior General Manager of the Special Projects Department on 16 February 2015.


Abdul Nasser is responsible for overseeing the various group projects involving insurance negotiations, project viability studies, special inquiries and investigations, community engagement issues, cost saving initiatives and investigations into new business ventures.


Abdul Nasser has more than 30 years of experience in human resources, procurement, sales, administration, accounts, aeronautics, property and real estate industries and has held various managerial positions in these sectors. Prior to joining CMS, he was the Administrative Manager at Rice World Pte Ltd and the Sales & Procurement Manager at Mal-Euro Sdn Bhd.


Abdul Nasser is an alternate director on the board of PPESW BPSB JV Sdn Bhd.

Family Relationship With Any Director And/Or Major Shareholder

Abdul Nasser has no family relationship with any director and/or major shareholder of CMS.