Empowering the youths of today, leaders of tomorrow

Empowering the youths of today, Leaders of tomorrow

30 January – 2 February 2019 – The Asian World Model United Nations (AWMUN) held from 30 January to 2 February 2019 presented youths with a golden opportunity to discuss on the solutions to global issues, and striking gold was exactly how two UNIMAS undergraduates felt when they were sponsored to be part of the 1,000 shortlisted delegates attending this exclusive conference in Bangkok.

While there, the duo was exposed to global issues which they had to devise strategic solutions for before delivering their proposal to the council. Both students returned from Bangkok with an expanded perspective, a growth in self-confidence, enhanced communication and public speaking skills, UN-honed critical thinking skills, and the ability to handle negotiations and diplomatic discussions – all of which would undoubtedly shape them into great leaders in the days to come.

The two youths began their journey doubtful of their ability to make a difference in society but are now more inspired than ever to help make the world a better, brighter place. They send their sincere gratitude towards CMS for making their time at AWMUN possible, but the pleasure was all ours because at CMS, we believe in empowering the youths of today and the leaders of tomorrow, and we strive to create a positive difference in every life we touch.