Karl Vink

Karl Vink

Chief Information Officer

Karl Vink joined CMS on 1 June 2018 as the Chief Information Officer, Group Technology Systems.


Karl Vink is responsible for the overall management and operations of the Group Technology Systems Department, overseeing a team of IT employees, systems, networks/servers, applications and support services throughout the Group.


Karl Vink has established his career in the mass communications and technology industries, holding various management positions in companies across South East Asia, North America and Europe. Prior to joining CMS, he served as the CEO of Silver Lining Systems (SLS) Sdn Bhd/Silver Lining Software Pvt Ltd, which provides cloud solutions in the Asia region. As CEO of SLS, he oversaw the development of the businesses’ three main practices: cloud technology and architecture; cloud service provider; cloud, data centre & IT systems consultancy.


Karl Vink is a non-executive director of Silver Lining Systems Sdn Bhd.

Family Relationship With Any Director And/Or Major Shareholder

Karl Vink has no family relationship with any director and/or major shareholder of CMS.