SUKMA XVII Logo2016 brought even more exciting news when the host of the 18th Sukma Games, Sarawak clinched overall second position with a commendable 57 gold medals!

The Games were held from 23 to 29 July with Sarawak sending her team of eight male and eight female players to represent the State in the Squash competitions. Trained under the Squash Youth Development Programme which comes under the purview of Squash Racquet Association of Sarawak (SRAS), the team did us proud by winning a gold and silver each.

Men’s Doubles Gold Medalists

  1. Marcus Sim Wei Jie
  2. Jess Tay Sin Kiong

 Mixed Doubles Silver Medalists

  1. Jess Tay Sin Kiong
  2. Ma Si Yi

CMS has been a proud sponsor of the Sarawak Squash Junior Development Programme totalling at RM253,328.00 for the past seven years. The objectives of the programme are to provide an avenue for young players to engage in healthy competitive play and simultaneously raise their standard of game besides gaining invaluable experience, scout for young talents and groom them to be State players and eventually represent the country.

“By supporting a sport like Squash, CMS is playing its corporate responsibility to the community by enhancing the opportunities for the young ones to do something constructive with their time as well as to ‘do good’ for their health from an early age. Through the programme, learn to play squash the right way so you can enjoy it, make new friends and have good wholesome fun. That’s what CMS hopes to do for any youth interested in squash”, says Dato’ Richard Curtis, himself an avid squash player of many years.