Story Telling

Tunku Putra School Celebrated World Book Day in Style

Kuching (Sarawak), Thursday, 10 March 2016 – Students at Tunku Putra School (TPS) infused style into the celebration of World Book Day as they came dressed as their favourite book characters and enjoyed DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) when, at various times during the day, they were able to spend time reading their favourite books. Characters from Grimm’s Fairy tales, the Harry Potter series and Roald Dahl’s books together with Mary Poppins and Karen von Blixen were amongst those seen inhabiting the class rooms and corridors as staff and parents joined in the fun too.

The MPH Bookstore was invited to be present to encourage children’s love of reading by bringing a wide selection of books for students of all ages to purchase throughout the day. Kindly, they agreed to give a percentage of their income to enable the School to buy some more books to add to the library stock.

Endorsing Roald Dahl’s quote, Principal of TPS, Susan Holmes cited, “If you are going to get anywhere in life, you have to read a lot of books”. The Principal explained that World Book Day was established to develop and cultivate students’ love of reading. She encouraged students to find time to read every day and parents to read to their children and talk about it with them as frequently as possible.

She continued, “As well as assisting their children to make some wonderful character costumes, parents were also very actively involved in making, donating and selling an array of different cakes for the themed bake sale outside the library, which raised funds to support increasing the number and variety of books in Primary and Kindergarten classrooms ‘reading corners.’ The students clearly enjoyed the special treats during break and lunch time.”

Students in the International Primary Section were also excited about the story they successfully created to be ‘published’ for the School library. Adopting the teacher-guided writing activity, each class wrote a paragraph and then passed it on to the next class to replicate the process until an end product was conceived.

A selection of characters such as the Dork Diaries, Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Star Wars were also on hand to help handover the generous donations of household items, food and cash, all contributed by the families of TPS, to support families in Kuching and surrounding areas who had been affected by the recent flooding to Hope Place.

Other activities that resulted from the hard work and commitment of the TPS staff and students included starting the day with a story in every class, having the opportunity to dress up as their favourite character and admire others’ ingenuous costumes, entering the photograph competition of being caught reading in an unusual place, DEAR and playing Traditional Tales themed Pictionary.

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